Betrayal Series

Coming January 2012!

Betrayal Committed, Book 1 "Betrayal"
Alexa is determined to make her own choices in life, which includes joining a highly-trained group of warrior vampires that protect her race, and the human species, from threats.  All she wants is to escape the destiny that seems to be waiting for her at every turn.  Torn between Baylin, an intoxicating human, and her deep connection to her best friend Talamey, Alexa struggles to forge her fate.  
   Every demand of her Coven suffocates Alexa and hardens her resolve to be no one’s pawn.  
But while Alexa attempts to mold her own existence, forces are at work trying to push her to the future she refused to accept.  Forced to fight a war on two fronts, and a tyrant at home, can Alexa find the happiness she endeavors towards?